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 Civilian Vehicle Operation Course

COVID-19 UPDATE: Until further changes to restrictions on social distancing, our CVOC course will be on hold as this is a multi-participant course. 

Our precision skills course for new drivers was inspired by the known benefits of EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation Course) and technical skills courses taught to emergency services operators, commercial truck and bus drivers. 

We believe student drivers should be offered the opportunity to start their training on a closed driving range that allows them to explore their current skill while learn new techniques that will quickly advance their handling of a vehicle and decision making on public roads. 

We teach proper use of vision, correct steering techniques, smooth acceleration, braking smoothly, braking before turning, braking for emergencies, use of crash avoidance techniques (such as blocked lane maneuver)  reversing straight, reverse 3 point turnaround, diminishing lane clearance (operational space, centering skills), pivoting forward (slow speed slalom around delineators), where to stop safely and legally for intersections, and use of vehicle controls as well as proper seating and mirror positioning.

New drivers who have experience will find this course fun and challenging, and will definitely learn new skills that will help them be far safer on the road or in parking lots. 

New drivers with little or no experience will really appreciate this course as it allows them to gain skill and confidence without worrying about keeping up with traffic on their first drive. 

Repetition is vital in learning new skills, and learning these skills in a safe, fun environment is definitely a key advantage for any driver.

Safe speed is emphasized in this course. Our class is intended to teach novice drivers the proper skills needed for lawful operation while driving in public. EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation Course) and racing courses differ from this class in their goal to get drivers to push vehicles to their limits. 

We specifically do not want our novice drivers pushing the vehicle to the limit. Our SKIDCAR class is intended to fill the role of learning about controlling a vehicle in low traction environments.

Collision avoidance and crash prevention are taught throughout our full curriculum. EVOC and some "race" inspired teen courses do teach this as well. However, our emphasis is on defensive driving as opposed to reactive driving (proactive versus reactive means planning ahead so as to avoid critical situations, but being capable of handling situations that do occur).